Team Rainbo

About Team Rainbo

Located in Chicagoland, Team Rainbo is one of the country’s oldest, largest, and most successful inline speedskating clubs.

What makes us different is how we  measure success – by participation, not performance. We focus on the average person who enjoys skating. Anyone can become a member. All that’s required is a desire to skate.

To learn more about us check out the History page; then come on out to a practice and meet us in person.

Who Can Join?

Team Rainbo is open to anyone who has a desire to skate: any gender at any age. We cater to all skill levels.

Our only requirements are: you always wear a helmet, you skate safely and are courteous to others, and you NOT wear earbuds while at practice.

Do I need inline speedskates?

Most skaters new to our practices do not own speed skates and many start in recreation/fitness skates. People move up to faster skates only when they are ready.

Our only requirements are a helmet, you skate safely and are courteous to others, and you NOT wear earbuds while at practice.

Check out the Practices page for locations, days, and times.

What if I’m a beginner?

Many of our new members start with recreation/fitness skates and are at a beginner level. Since the club is so active and the talent level so diverse, there is always someone with whom you can skate.

Team “old timers” take pride in coaching and helping new members with technique and equipment advice. That’s another measure of success on our team – how much you give back to the team.

Whether you’re looking to get started in speedskating or if you’re an elite skater looking for challenging training partners, Team Rainbo is the team with something for everybody.


  • November – April: Indoor practices on Sunday mornings; see our Practices page for more information
  • April – October: Outdoor practices on multiple days/times each week; see our Practices page for more information

Check out the Practices page and our Facebook Team page for the latest news on practices and events.

Races and Events

Check out our Events page for a listing of annual events.

To support the sport and ensure it remains strong and vital, we encourage everyone to participate in any and all Midwest races and as many national events as possible. The Chicagoland Inline Marathon is held each summer and is always a great local event.

Team Rainbo is as much a social club as an athletic team. We encourage skaters to travel together to races and attend team dinners the night before each event.