Team Rainbo

2019 is here! So will be outdoor skating

Dust off the cobwebs from those racing boots, grease the bearings and come on out for some much needed practice. Regular practice, while it remains indoors, is held on Sundays. However, once practice moves outside practices are held Saturdays, Sundays and smaller skates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check out the Practice page for times and locations. For our new

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team members who have not done much racing, and for those who are interested in seeing what Rainbo is all about, there are skaters of almost all levels and abilities at the weekend skates. Some skating ability is always recommended but racing experience is not needed.

2017 Team Rainbo
Team Rainbo


Speaking of racing, time is here for team members, (and others) to start making plans for which races to attend. Apostle Island is right around the corner; check the Events page for their website. We want to encourage everyone to participate in any and all Midwest races as our sport needs participation from racers as well as recreational skaters to remain vital.

Of course the Chicagoland Inline Marathon will be back again this year and it promises to be a great event. Info of course to be found by clicking on the Events tab.

Located in Chicago, Team Rainbo is one the country’s oldest and most successful inline speedskating clubs. Rainbo is at times as much a social club as an athletic team. We encourage skaters to travel together to races and always organize team dinners the night before an event. What makes us different is how we

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measure success – by participation, not performance. We focus on the average person who enjoys skating. The value of each member is measured by how many races they attend more than how they finish. Anybody can become a member. All that’s required is a desire to skate. To learn more about us click on the History tab at top, then come on out and skate.

Oh and just one note, most skaters new to our practices do not own speed skates. People move up to faster skates only when they know that the group is for them. Our only requirements are a helmet and that you not wear earbuds while at practice.

Team Rainbo Sponsors

Team Rainbo is gearing up for another great year of inline speedskating and racing and none of this could be possible without the support of our sponsors who help finance uniforms, t-shirts, races, and other racing gear and expenses.   We are pleased to announce the sponsors.

Powerslide……..Find here high quality products for all types of skating. No matter if TRISKATING, SPEEDSKATING, FREESKATING, NORDIC SKATING or FITNESS SKATING. We offer it all including accessories like WHEELS, BEARINGS, FRAMES, BOOTS, PROTECTION SETS, Elbow protection, knee protection,

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wristguards, but also HELMETS, laces, buckles and more. Powerslide

JMTS Transportation Services……JMTS Transportations Services offers freight

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solutions nationwide.  One of Team Rainbo’s oldest and most consistent sponsors is owned and operated by our own

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Team Rainbo member……John Mclinn.    JMTS has supported Team Rainbo for many years, and John has been a great skater and participant in races

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around the country.  His commitment to the sport as a sponsor, coach, and racer has been a great inspiration to countless skaters.   We are grateful for the continued support of his company. JMTS Transportation Services

Twincam Sports…..designs, manufacturers, and sells in-line skate bearings and oils and is the leading bearing supplier to high-end skate manufacturers in the world. TWINCAM had more race victories in 2003 World Cup events that any other bearing. TwinCam Sports

Matter Race Wheels…..Matter race wheels are proudly made in USA. Our racing wheels are made using the finest materials possible to win the biggest races in the world. Matter

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writing help Race Wheels

Rudy Project….Italian Crafted Sunglasses, Helmets, Goggles, and Rx/Prescription Eyewear Since 1985 • 8-Times #1 Most-Worn Aero / TT

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Helmet at IRONMAN® World Championships Rudy Project

Xtreme Wheels — Crystal Lake – Xtreme Wheels

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As we were saying, “All that’s required is a desire to skate.”

Post 60's skaters Bob and Lewis
Post 60 skaters Bob and Lewis

Many new members start with recreation/fitness skates. Since the club is so active and the talent level so diverse, there is always someone with whom you can skate. Team “old timers” take pride in helping the new guys and gals – and that’s another measure of success on our team – how much you give back to the team.

On Team Rainbo, it’s what can you do for the team, not what the team can do for you. Due to this team philosophy, we enjoy more than our share of winners at any race we attend. Our members are very competitive. However, the spirit of cooperation is deeply woven into that competitive spirit. While we’re based in the Chicagoland area, we have many members from different states across the nation.

Whether you’re looking to get started in speedskating or if you’re an elite skater looking for challenging training partners, Team Rainbo is the team with something for everybody.


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