Chicagoland Inline Marathon

I am a little late with this, however I wanted to be sure to compliment everyone who participated in the Chicagoland Inline Marathon both as a participant and/or volunteer. We had over 45 skaters, and most everyone finished with a smile and feeling of accomplishment. It was well deserved! Team Rainbo is one of the best ambassadors for the sport, and that includes each and everyone of you. The amount of compliments that I get on our team and it’s team members brings a great sense of pride to this old guy. Thank you one and all.
A special compliment to Petey and Danielle Starykowicz for putting on such a great event. When Petey took over the Team Rainbo race when he was just a kid, he had ton’s of enthusiasm but not much experience in running events. His willingness to put himself out there and get the job done was admirable. Each year he has gotten better and better, and with the addition of Danielle to the mix, as well as the rest of his family, All Community Events has grown into a first rate, well organized, company that runs an event as well as anyone. A big thank you to Pete, Danielle, and their entire crew for continuing to be committed to the Chicagoland Inline Marathon……………………..Cale

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