Chicagoland Inline Marathon Volunteers Needed

Hey everyone!  The Chicagoland Inline Marathon is fast approaching, and registrations are up, and the excitement is building!   As our team is one of the presenters of this fantastic event, we are hoping that we can count on some of you as volunteers.  We need 3 or 4 people for Friday night (3:30pm – 8pm) at the registration table, 5-6 people on Saturday (6:30 -10:30 am) for registration and course marshals, and at least 20 people for registration, water stops, and course marshals for the big marathon on Sunday. (6:30 – 11:30am). There is some flexibility in the hours, however we certainly do not want to be short handed.  All volunteers on Friday will receive a free t-shirt and pizza, and Saturday and Sunday volunteers will receive refreshments, t-shirt, visor, and tote bag!   Also you will all be receiving the good feelings and sense of accomplishment that come with supporting our official charity, the Illinois Special Olympics, and the undying appreciation of your team founder and leader…..ME!

We are hoping that along with some team members, we might get some additional help from your family members and/or friends.   One major difference this year, is that the inline and the running events will have separate registration, volunteers, and courses, so if you are helping out, it will be with the inline events only……

Now the tough part……

I really would like to hear NOW, from those people who are willing to help out, and what times and days they will be available……..

The sooner I know who is volunteering, the sooner I can keep from panicking that we wont have enough help.  You can reach me through the contact page. Thank you all and keep on skatin’……..Cale

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