George Quinn: December 22, 1949 – December 28, 2009

Team Rainbo mourns the loss of one of the greatest team members that has worn the uniform in the 20 years that we have existed. 10 years ago, George showed up at one of our indoor practices with his young son Murphy. George’s enthusiasm and positive attitude immediately impressed us all. His feeling was that if more people knew how much fun speed skating could be, the sport would continue to grow. George made it his responsibility to work towards that goal. Along with encouraging his son to excel, and he certainly did, George would stop any skater he saw on a bike path, or skating along the street, and infect them with his excitement and enthusiasm for the sport.

In the time that George was a member of Team Rainbo, we saw an increase in membership from 35 to the current roster of 90 skaters. We are sure that George is mostly responsible for the growth. He made us all more appreciative of what the team was, and made us all want to help new skaters and encourage everyone. He brought a revitalization to a team that had been losing members for the previous few years.

On a personal note, he reminded me of why I loved to skate, and that the team spirit and camaraderie was far more valuable than any personal accomplishments.

George was a wonderful husband, uncle, brother, friend, teacher, and role model. When a new skater would show up at one of our practices, it was George who would skate with them, help them, and welcome to our group. Much of his extended family became involved with the team. Nephews, Nieces, Brothers, and In-laws were drawn into his magic and love for the sport.

We will miss George’s smile, the twinkle in his eyes, his never ending sense of humor, and his enthusiasm for life in general. “Skate like you mean it” he would often say, and that is exactly how he lived his life. He is survived by a wonderful family, including his terrific wife Thao, and his son Murphy, who is turning out to be a wonderful young man just like his father.

Thank you George. Thank you for helping us to realize that our relationships are what is most important in life. We will love you forever.

Cale Carvell and Team Rainbo.

Below is a poem written in 2006 by Cale Carvell about George.

This rhyme is a tribute
To a man who’s a skater,
And a husband and father
And he can sure eat a ‘tater

With a smile on his face
And a gleam in his eye.
He has showed us all what
Is really a good guy.

Team Rainbo was lucky
When George joined the crew
Cause ever since then
The Team certainly grew.

Helper and teacher
An example for Murphy,
We all paid attention
And improved in a hurry.

And just when your thinkin’
He’s too good to be true,
He’ll pull a prank on you
While he’s drinkin’ a brew.

His involvement changed Rainbo
For the better, we know.
It’s more fun and friendly
And those feelings just grow.

A 140 lb athlete
Is hiding within
The man who puts everyone’s
Needs before him.

And as he snaps photos
And tells us his jokes,
His devotion to family
Is what drives him the most.

So thanks, once again George
For joining the Team.
Cause you are a hero
And this we do mean.

So let’s toast the big guy
And all that he means.
And hope that he knows
He’s the man of our dreams.

4 thoughts on “George Quinn: December 22, 1949 – December 28, 2009”

  1. George Quinn —-a shinny star touched many people and was a guiding light. I met George and Murphy many years ago at a race and over the years have always looked forward to seeing him at races all over the USA. A true gentleman, sportsman and friend. He will be missed dearly and my heart goes out to his family. George, your spirit will be by my side as I race on into the future and cheerishing the times I was forutune to become one of your friends. R(O)(O)(O)(O)ger

  2. We as individuals and as a Team have been so fortunate to have been able to share these years with George. His contribution to me and to Rainbo will never be forgotten. He was wise, inspirational, and motivating with an uncanny ability to set new skaters as ease. He filled up our clinics with skaters year after year. Few have done so much for inline racing and for skating.
    But it is what he did for us as people that will always stay with me. George was the genuine article, a real down to earth guy with a gift. That gift was to be able to reach people. He reached me on our very first meeting.
    George was a gift to you and me and those of us who knew and loved him. We can be so grateful for that.

    John McLinn

  3. Such shocking news:
    I was one of those ‘newer’ skaters always encourged by George, espeically to stay in the was he who pushed me from behind with his little words of encouragement when I wanted to drop out…
    Proof of the wonderful person & father he was, is the the success of Murphy.

    I’m very sorry his family, the world & skating community has lost such a shining light.

    Murphy to you and your family – know your father is always near to you. You are truly blessed.

  4. I will miss George a lot. I’m not a Rainbo regular & can be kinda quiet, so it’s hard to get to know people that way. George, more than anybody, ALWAYS remembered me & ALWAYS helped to make me feel welcome. He truly enjoyed what he did with/for the team. We talked skating, photography, cameras, skates, people, life often. George ALWAYS had a great smile to share, and quite a contagious one at that.

    I did not know George as well as most of you, but he is missed, and will ALWAYS be remembered by me. George was the kind of person that made this world a better place. I wish I knew more people like him.

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