Great News, Practice Returns to “Sears”!!!

Today I have had numerous communications with the mayor of Hoffman Estates as well as the Police Chief of Hoffman Estates about the new law regarding speed skaters rights to skate in the street. I am thrilled to say that they are supporting our right to do so at Sears (Prairie Stone Parkway) and will continue to support us as long as we follow the rules of the law. This means that we must skate in single file as far to the right of the lane as possible and to not impede any of the traffic that is on the roads. They are concerned that the increased traffic caused by Cabella’s might create some problems. The last thing in the world that they want is complaints from drivers because we are there. As a result, I have agreed that we will start our practices at 8 am to minimize the traffic concerns.
Remember that at any time, Hoffman Estates can create a local ordinance that will keep us from skating at Sears, so it is important that we remember that it is a privilege that we are allowed to skate there. It is not our right! We need to be sure that we yield to all traffic, be sure to follow all traffic laws, and be respectful of drivers if we want to assure a long future there.
This Saturday, we will begin skating at Sears at 8 am. We will park, as we used to, at the parking lot directly west of the fire house………….See you there……YEE HA!!……Cale

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