Indy Race – Fort Harrison July 11, 2010 Recap

I had decided a while back to use this race, which is part of the Planet Adventure Race Series in Indianapolis, as a buy cialis 5mg transition race to the Chicago Inline Series in less than 2 weeks.

There are more races scheduled for this series…check it out at

As preparation, I “wrecked” myself for about 7 of the last 10 days up to this race….This was after I had a pretty good result (for me) at the Badger State Games…I “felt” the previous weeks training in my legs during this race and my finishing time was reflective of it.

With that said, Trish, myself, and the always strong Gary Blank represented Team Rainbo at the event. The course was a .9 mile square, 80% smooth as glass asphalt, 15% not so good tarmac, and 5% brick cross walks. The good news was the course was to be skated counter-clockwise so the 29 lap marathon represented

116 left turns.  The initial thought was that the course was going to be skated clockwise…this would have been interesting since many skaters are not right hand turn fans.

George Botero and Tony Muse ran a clinic the day before the race, I unfortunately was unable to attend.

The consensus was the information was invaluable, prior to the race, everyone who had attended the clinic was practicing drills Botero and Muse had showed them….I wish I could have worked out a way to attend the clinic, unfortunately, real life gets in the way of skating quite often:(

Lining up for the start were the normal “show-up-at-every-race” crew (Herb Gayle, Brian Oswald, etc), I’d say about 20 maybe 30 total skaters.  But in this case there were also two past world champions in Muse and Botero, NEAT!

The race started brisk but not unbearable, Botero finally left the main pack on a break-away at about the 7 mile mark, when he had about a 300 meter lead, Muse attacked and that was the last anyone saw of either of them!  Watching Muse attack from the pack was cool.  Anytime you get to do something with athletes at such a higher level then the normal person is inspiring, at least to me.  When these guys want to go, they just go, perfect technique and power, power, power.

I had dropped off the main pack by then and ended up skating the next 15 miles solo (yuck, good training I guess). The cool thing about it was that Botero and Muse lapped me three times (really only twice, they passed me the third time with 100 meters left). When they went by, it was apparent they were on a easy skate, they were chatting and just cruising along  if someone would have given them an espresso and scone they could have enjoyed and still handily won.  Eventually they lapped the main field and finished first and second, I think if they really wanted to they could have lapped the field multiple times.

Ty Fidler who has become a regular (and two time winner) in the Planet Adventure series finished third, basically trailing Muse and Botero the whole race out of a draft.  The amazing thing about Ty is his fitness and endurance.  It was apparent from watching him, when he lapped me, that he is uncomfortable turning.  This is amazing, he has a real nice double push stride, but he is not as comfortable in buying cialis online if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link67″).style.display=”none”;} the turns…kind of opposite of most skaters.  In any case he basically tortured himself and maintained about 200 – 300 meters behind Muse and Botero the entire race finishing third.

Herb Gayle won the field sprint with Team Rainbo Gary Blank coming next in 5th.  I’m pretty sure that Gary was also using this race as training for Chicago…after his performance at Badger State I think he is going to be really strong in Chicago.

Race notes….

  • The guys from Planet Adventure really want to put on a good series, of the races I’ve attended thus far, they keep improving.
  • One thing lacking was no on-course water or after race food.  I realize the organizers may be on a budget, but for $40 entry fee, some water and a little food after the race are to be expected.
  • Poor Trish gutted out some new boots and has the blisters to prove it.  She was leading the women’s field but had to stop in fear of ruining her feet so much that she would not be able to skate Derby the following week.  Trisha’s alter ego is “Pominatrix”.  She skates for the Hell’s Belle’s team of Windy City Rollers and the “B” travel Team.   Check out WCR at for more.

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