Luigino Creates “Answer” Wheels, Adds Team Members

Luigino has created a new line of wheels called “Answer” which promise to bring some innovation to the scene. According to part 2 of an interview with Joey Mantia by Michael Cheek, the new line of wheels will be handled strictly by Luigino (not in partnership with Powerslide, like they do for Matter wheels). The wheels will have a one-piece hub, a new innovation in the wheel industry. It’s unclear right now whether these wheels will be indoor specific or for both indoor and outdoor.

Also of news for Luigino is the addition to their team of two very well known individuals. Massimiliano Presti has been added as a team member, Presti is a multiple World Cup champion and one of the most famous inline racers in the world. In addition, Luigino has beefed up their outdoor team by adding the one and only Eddy Matzger to the team as well. It will be strange to see Eddy skating without his orange jersey!

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