Metrodome Inline Marathon

This weekend pretty much marks the end of the indoor season for Team Rainbo. What with Tommy’s last scheduled coached Sunday practice coinciding with the 2010 Metrodome Inline Marathon weekend most of the team is looking forward to warmer, drier streets and trails out of doors. Before we put all of that indoor skating to rest however we need to recap Saturday’s skating in Minneapolis.

Team Rainbo was well represented again this year in the four events. Team founder Cale Carvell said he believed Team Rainbo brought the largest contingent of skaters to the event of any of the teams represented. While racing at the Metrodome at the highest level is definitely a learned skill, the venue and the events are well designed for beginners through pro’s to have a fun and rewarding day of racing.

Many team members achieved personal bests out of the race course, and several came home with trophy mugs. Congratulations go out to Steve Meisinger and Gary Blank who took 4th place and 6th place respectively in the Pro Open Individual Marathon, completing 71 laps at an average speed of 20.5 mph. Blazing fast guys. Kudos go out also to all the others who competed in the individual events. In no particular order; Steve Cimino, Jim, Griff, and Dan Raccuglia, Brian Joyce, Dirk Shelley, Jan Kopis, and Larry Kaufman. (Some names are not showing on the results, pardon me if I left your name out.)

Team Rainbo competed in the afternoon’s Team Time Trial event as well showing up with one and one half teams. Needles to say, the “half Rainbo team” took third place with help from Steve Meisinger who came back from his morning marathon to help pace his comrades through most of a second full marathon. Cale powered the all Team Rainbo group; Margo Carvell, Tom Grosspietsch, Kevin O’Neil and Bob Ryan to a finish that left no one throwing up in a waste basket afterwards, but did leave plenty to talk about on the ride home.

Thanks goes out to Adam Kocinski, the volunteers, the sponsors and the Metrodome for another wonderful event and we hope to see everyone back in the area for the St. Paul races coming up this summer.


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