Metrodome Post Race, reply

Well I have to answer Larry’s Metrodome write up before John McLinn gets on the airways and gives it to me. Yes John, it did hurt me and the team was very gracious in making sure it hurt for most of the second half of the race. Sometimes the goo and the Gatorade just don’t do it for the legs and last Saturday was one of those days. However, as always, the experience of skating as a team in this event is really an experience not to be passed by lightly.
This was maybe the tightest team I’ve skated with in the 4 times I’ve skated the TTT. We were all comfortable skating together and with the distance we had to move to the right in order to let the flyboys go by. At one point we were lapping Speed Revolution as we were being lapped. We hung together in the center and came out in front, well not of the flyboys. That was sweet. My only regret is not letting Tom have what he wanted when those young legs did pass us by. That I couldn’t set him loose to chase them down is a loss to us all. We all know Tom hates to be passed and he always has a burst of speed hidden in those legs. Larry, I don’t know how you were able to lasso him in, but you did.
Thanks to all the folks cheering for Team Rainbo as we came by 70 times, oh I think that was Larry cheering each time, he really got the whole crowd on our side. Yes it was a victory as we achieved 50% of our 2 goals. But Metrodome, next time, keep the music on ‘til that last team finishes, it does smart a bit when the event is shutting down while you’re still skating. That aside, I’d go back in a heartbeat, well a year’s worth of heartbeats. Let’s hope the MIM comes back in some form.



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