Dale Brauer

Dale was an ice skater and a runner in high school and college. He continued running, until his knees and back started giving him trouble. Bicycling and using a Nordic Track filled in the years until he got his first pair of inline skates in 1990. By 1991 he fixed his skates with Swiss bearings and Hyper wheels. His first race was the 1991, Rollerblade sponsored race at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Racing and the friends he made skating pulled him further into the addiction of Inline Skating. He skated for a few years for the Blade Runners. Some of the people he met at the races were from Team Rainbo. They were friendly and they coached him. He joined Team Rainbo in 1997. The same year he recorded his personal best North Shore Inline Marathon time of 1:26:04. One year he took a first place trophy for the five race Super Week series in Milwaukee. He has two goals in every race, finish without falling and don’t finish last.

Top Finishes

  • Personal Best of 1:26:04 in the NorthShore Inline Marathon in 1997
  • 1st, Superweek of Inline, 50 to 54 Men

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