John Peck

Joined Team Rainbo in 2009, cushy rec skates in hand, skating a marathon best of 2:09. Set a new PB under 2 hours shortly after joining the team. Switched to speed skates in 2010. Envisioning speeds similar to Wiley Coyote

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strapping rockets to a pair of roller skates … I was little disappointed to experience that the transition is not that easy for everyone. Took a year or so to get the hang of it (muscle, balance, technique). Finally entered the world of faster in 2011 with a marathon in the 1:30s and then 3 seconds under 1:20 in 2012. The 3 seconds is stressed because of a certain bet regarding a certain pair of custom boots for a time under 1:20. Helps with a tailwind at Duluth.

Favorite Past Time Activities
Hills, hills, and more hills.
Did I mention I like hills.
Overtaking bikers on a forest trail.
Oh … and I like skating.

Top Finishes

  • 6th, Age Group 30-39, Metrodome Inline Marathon
  • 1st, Age Group 35-39, Apostle Inline Marathon
  • 6th, Age Group 35-39, Northshore Inline Marathon

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