John Wiemhoff

I like the motion, speed, & visual stimulation (scenery) experienced when inline skating. Collateral benefits include logging vigorous aerobic exercise, skating with friendly & healthy people, and little concern for long term joint injury from impact.

I entered my first inline marathon in 2002 and joined Team Rainbo shortly thereafter to attend indoor practices. I lost about a year from a historical back problem which required a disc removal and spinal fusion (Fall of 2006), but I am back to full mobility again now. I have done four of the North Shore Inline Marathons in Duluth, 2 Disney Marathons, one Elkhart Great Race, and one Silver Strand marathon in San Diego. I look forward to doing an increased number of Midwest-based marathons in 2008.

Favorite skating spots include: Miramar Reservoir in San Diego: Redondo Beach (south LA) going north on the boardwalk, Coeur d’Alenes trail going east out of Harrison, Idaho, Independence Grove in Libertyville, IL, Trillium Drive in Prairie Stone Park (Team Rainbo outdoor practice site) in Hoffman Estates, and anywhere else with smooth surface and without highly urbanized scenery. I use racquetball, handball, or bicycling for cross–training (e.g., when pavements are too wet for skating).

I live in Barrington, IL.

Top Finishes

  • 1:40:50 in the 2005 North Shore Inline Marathon

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