Lorna Clegg

I started inline skating when rollerblade introduced their inline skates. I met Team Rainbo at Busse woods in 2001. I was an average rec skater and a fairly non-athletic 39 year old who weighed 197 pounds. I had already quit smoking so that was one good thing. I never wore a helmet. Team Rainbo welcomed me and taught me a lot, even though I was old, heavy, out of shape and unskilled. And they also taught me the importance of wearing a helmet.

I haven’t been able to completely commit to training and racing a lot, however I have skated some great 1/2 and full marathon races and many skating events. I have done and love Road Raves in Chicago, 2 Road Americas, 2 Rainbo races, 1 Elgin, 2 or 3 Brainerd, 3 Badger, 3 Elkhart, 1 Detroit (in the pouring rain – fun!), 1 St. Paul, 3 Duluth (1 in pouring rain), 1 Ohio and even a banked track clinic in Colorado at the Velodrome. I have met great people from all over the world including Chad Hedrick and Joey Mantia. My bio picture is from my best ever finish – Duluth 2004 – the

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results were: REC DIV 1:32:31, 1st in age group, 3rd (out of over 1100). I broke the record for my age group. I want to get serious this year and beat my personal best. I also want to paticipate in some indoor racing next year. 2008 is my year!

Top 10 Finishes

  • 4th, Female 40-49 – Wolverine Inline Marathon
  • 3rd, Women 40-49 – Chicagoland Inline Marathon
  • 3rd, Women’s Elite Master – Badger State Games
  • 5th, Women’s Pro – Columbia Station
  • 1st, Female Recreation Women 40-49 – Badger State Games Marathon
  • 1st, Women 40-49 – Badger State Games 1/2 Marathon
  • 1st, Female Recreation – North Shore Inline Marathon – New Women 40-49 Record of 1:32:31

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