Steve Meisinger

Steve was born in Deerfield, Illinois. During junior high and high school he was a decent track and cross country athlete. He has been skating at the Orbit Skate Center in Palatine IL since he was 8 years old. Steve started skating on quad skates but when he was introduced to inline skates he fell in love with them. Always wanting to be able to go faster Steve would race people at the roller rink, and try doing different moves. Balancing high school, running, and skating kept him busy. Ending his running career with his senior year of high school, Steve attended the local community college to pursue a career in automotive.

Continuing to skate at Orbit kept him in shape, and continued to learn different skating moves and tricks from friends he met while skating there. Then one day Steve was introduced to Team Rainbo and realized there was so much more to learn and achieve. Steve have been with Team Rainbo since 2005 and has been working on his technique. Since joining he has participated in many inline marathons. He also has picked up some jamskating moves and tricks, but he only does them on inline skates.

As of 2008, Steve is 25 and lives in Hoffman Estates working at the local Mercedes Benz dealership as an Automotive Technician. He also works at Orbit Skate Center as a floor guard part time for fun. He is engaged to a beautiful young girl, and plans on moving out into a place of their own. He plans to learn and practice many new ways to skate on inlines and to skate as fast as possible.

Some advice: Never stop practicing. You only learn from your mistakes and if you are not making mistakes you are not trying new things and you will not make any progress.

Favorite quotes: “Practice makes perfect–Perfect practice makes champions.” “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

Top Finishes


  • 7th place pro elite – Metrodome Inline Marathon – 1:12:24 & 5th place Team Time Trial – 1:17:35


  • 3rd place pro elite – Metrodome Inline Marathon – 1:10:29


  • 3rd place pro elite – Metrodome Inline Marathon – 1:13:07


  • 4th place pro elite – Metrodome Inline Marathon – 1:14:02 & 3rd place Team Time Trial – 1:15:37


  • 8th place pro elite – Metrodome Inline Marathon – 1:20:06
  • 3rd place pro elite – Badger State Games – 1:33:31


  • 1st place advanced wave – Metrodome Inline Marathon – 1:22:06
  • 4th place overall – Road America 20k – 41:34
  • 1st place advanced wave – St. Paul Inline Marathon- 1:21:26
  • 1st place advanced wave

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    A – Northshore Inline Marathon -1:14:37


  • 3rd place advanced wave – St. Paul Inline Marathon – 1:24:03

2005 – First Year Speed Skating


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