Tania Manfredi McCarthy

Top Finishes

  • 4th, Women 41-50 – Chicagoland Inline Marathon

2 thoughts on “Tania Manfredi McCarthy”

  1. Hey Tania,

    This is Jay Glinny. I met you during the Chicagoland Inline Marathon and just wanted to say thanks a bunch for all the advice and tips. It really helped me during the marathon! If this isn’t the right Tania, then I’m sorry! I hope you get this!


  2. Jay,
    You are very welcome. I was so impressed that you came the distance to do our race and you did it in the rain. You are a very strong skater. I would suggest contacting one of the Toronto inline speed skating clubs to get more involved. I don’t think it will take you long to advance. There are many advantages to skating with a club; improving form, skating with others, but the social aspect by far I find is the best. Skaters are just a great group of people no matter what city you are in. Good luck to you and keep skating.

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