Thomas Grosspietsch

Lifelong skater. Started skating at 5 years old in hand-me-down ice skates
on a frozen tennis court, then pick-up ice hockey, then local ice hockey league
in my teens. Fast forward to the inline craze in the 90’s–I already knew how
to skate! The world became my rink. Started entering races here and there, made the leap to Team Rainbo, now almost 10 years later my accomplishments include:

  • Chad Hedrick Workshop
  • Eddy Matzger Workshop Survivor
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 87-mile Road Skate – 10 years (16th all-time
    mileage: 867 miles. Best: 32nd place, 2004)
  • Northshore Inline Marathon – 11 years (Best: 14th place, Pro Veteran, 2004)
  • 24 Hours Inline Montreal – 3 years
  • Swiss Inline One-Eleven
  • Also: Long Beach Inline Marathon, Disney Inline Maratho, St. Paul Inline Marathon, Chicagoland Inline Marathon, Metrodome Inline Marathon, Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon, Hayward Inline Marathon, Badger State Games Inline Marathon, Wolverine Inline Marathon, Great Midwest Inline Marathon

Top Finishes

  • 3rd, Male 40-49 – Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon
  • 2nd, Male 41-50 – Chicagoland Inline Marathon
  • 15th, Elite Veteran – Badger State Games Marathon
  • 2nd, Male 40-49 – Wolverine Inline Marathon
  • 9th, Advanced – St. Paul Inline Marathon
  • 32nd place – Athens to Atlanta
  • 14th, Pro Veteran – Northshore Inline Marathon

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