Quinn and Starykowicz rule the Road America 20k

Bad weather threatened the field at Road America, and the race was delayed while the course dried but in the end it was a triumphant day for Team Rainbo. Murphy Quinn and Connie Meek battled tough winds and big climbs on their way to victory of the 2008 Road America Inline Challenge.

Race Report by Peter Starykowicz

The race started off at a relaxed pace until they hit the first hill when Peter Starykowicz Attacked hard. The pace stayed strong until Starykowicz attacked on the second hill catalyzing a breakaway of three Rainbo skaters including Quinn and Greg Major. Alan Marcosson chased hard and was able to latch on as Major fell off on the Third hill. Marcosson was forced two do a lot of the pulling but was then hit hard when Starykowicz attacked on the first hill of the second lap.

Marcosson was able to answer the attack though after pulling most of the way up the second hill, when Starykowicz attacked again. A gap started to open and the two Rainboers traded off pulls to solidify victory. Quinn pulled much of the third lap maintaining their lead. Quinn and Starykowicz pushed hard up the last hill which they both said was the hardest climb of their life battling a never ending hill, a 20+ MPH head wind and tired legs from the repeated attacks to finish in a time of 39 minutes and 20 seconds.

Alan Marcosson finished third in a time of 42 minutes and 20 seconds. In the women’s race Connie Meek passed Trudi Arnold to claim victory in a time of 53 minutes and 10 seconds. Despite tornado watches and threatening rain 50 skaters participated in the 3rd annual Road America Inline Challenge presented by PyroApparel and JMTS Transportation Services.


The race gets underway under darkening skies

Murphy Quinn takes the outside on a decline as Peter Starykowicz tucks down behind another skater

Reaching the summit of the biggest hill is quite a challenge

Murphy Quinn and Peter Starykowicz seal the victory

3 thoughts on “Quinn and Starykowicz rule the Road America 20k”

  1. Nice to see Murphy and Peter the finish line….
    Getting to be the best.. that’s what I’d thought Murphy would end up doing.
    KEEP up the great skating you guys..I’m soo lucky to have skated a bit with ya’ll.
    Greetz from Germany and hi to everyone!

  2. It would be super to have this event back in the schedule for sure as would Laguna Saca…..

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