Team Practice Sat, Sun June 19, 20th

Good news!   We are trying out a new place to skate!  We worked out a 4 mile circuit.  It has some rolling hills, but no big climbs.  There is plenty of flat sections as well.  The pavement is nice and there should be very little traffic on the weekend mornings.  There is plenty of parking and a firehouse and outhouses.   I am calling for practice there this Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 am.  We are going to begin starting a little earlier because the weather has warmed up, and because the earlier, the less traffic. The location is in Deer Park near the corner of Lake Cook Rd. and Quentin Rd. (Just northeast from the Deer Grove Forest Preserve, click on the link above for a map of the location.)   From that corner, you would go north on Quentin a few hundred feet to the first street on your right (there is a firehouse on the corner)…..turn right and drive up a few hundred feet and you will see a parking lot and a baseball field on the left.  Pull in there and park.   We will start from there with a nice slow roll all together to get familiar with the area.
If anyone out there is good with google maps, etc. you might be able to find it and put it out to the team to make getting there easier.   This really looks like it might be just what we are looking for……..Cale


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