Team Rainbo Sponsors for 2014

The 2014 outdoor season is approaching, and Team Rainbo is gearing up for another great year of inline speed skating and racing. None of this could be possible without the support of our sponsors who help finance the uniforms, t-shirts, and racing expenses. We are pleased to announce the sponsors for 2014.

NISTEVO SPORTS…..includes, Luigino boots, Pilot Frames, Atom Wheels, and Bionic Bearings. A long time supporter of Team Rainbo, Nistevo boasts of some of the best speed skating equipment on the planet. Their products are used by speed skaters around the world. From professionals to beginning speed skaters, Nistevo has products to make you go faster than you ever thought possible. Great innovation, great prices, and great customer service is the hallmark of Nistevo. Team Rainbo is proud to be part of their sponsorship family…….
JMTS Transportation Services……JMTS Transportations Services offers freight solutions nationwide. One of Team Rainbo’s oldest and most consistent sponsors is owned and operated by our own Team Rainbo member……John Mclinn. JMTS has supported Team Rainbo for many years, and John has been a great skater and participant in races around the country. His commitment to the sport as a sponsor, coach, and racer has been a great inspiration to countless skaters. We are grateful for the continued support of his company.
NUUN Hydration Products……New for 2014, Nuun Hydration has made Team Rainbo their first inline speed skating team to be sponsored. Nuun offers the latest in Hydration products that are so necessary for long distance sporting endeavors. With Nuun Hydrations products, Team Rainbo will be stronger, and have more stamina for the coming racing season. We certainly appreciate their support, and we hope to make them proud that they have decided to support Team Rainbo.

ORBIT ROLLER RINK…… The Orbit Roller Rink has been a great supporter of Team Rainbo since the team began. Always a friend to the team, they have continued to offer us special consideration for our indoor practices during the cold Chicago winters, and an ideal place for us to have our annual meeting/party. They are committed to the world of skating and have the finest indoor skating facility in Illinois. We thank them for continuing to support us.

TWIN CAM BEARINGS…… One of the leaders in the inline skating bearing business, and one of the first companies to promote, support, and sponsor inline skating teams in the US. Used by top professionals, they remain one of the innovators of speed and consistency for all levels of skating.



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