Team Rainbo welcomes back two great sponsors

JMTS Transportation Services and TWINCAM Bearings

Team Rainbo is proud to announce that two of its former sponsors have returned to support the best skating team in the country. These two companies have continually been supporters of inline skating. Without the support of sponsors, Team Rainbo would never have become on of the oldest and largest inline skate teams in the country……..22 years and still counting!

JMTS Transportation Services…… JMTS has been a sponsor of Team Rainbo for more years than any other company. President John Mclinn, Team Rainbo member, has been one of the most generous sponsors that Team Rainbo has ever had. His commitment to the sport as a competitor, teacher, and promoter is unequalled in the history of Team Rainbo. John is an avid skater who loves nothing more than to help new skaters find their “legs”. He is always there to give pointers, demonstrate, and educate. JMTS Transportation Services, under John’s direction and management, has the same high standards. He strives for the same excellence and outstanding service in the trucking and transportation business, as he does with his skating. We welcome John and JMTS back as a supporter, sponsor and teammate, and hope that he continues to be a member of Team Rainbo for many more years to come.

Twincam bearings……. When the inline skate explosion of the 80’s was in full force, one of the first companies to promote, innovate, and support inline racing and skating was Twincam Bearings. Twincam was one of the original sponsors of Team Rainbo, and supported the team for numerous years. No one in the skating world has supported more events than Twincam. No one has innovated more design changes to the skate bearing than Twincam. Twincam bearings are not a generic bearing that is used in machines and other industries. It is one of the only bearings that is specifically designed and engineered for inline skating. Many of the top racers in the world skate on Twincam including Eddy Matzger, the most famous inliner in the world.

Eddy has skated exclusively on Twincam most of his entire career. Known as one of the fastest and most water resistant bearings in the world, Team Rainbo is proud to welcome them back as a sponsor. Now the best team in the skating world is skating on the best bearings in the skating world.

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